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12 January 2003 - Bristol F.2b Project Update

Aft end of fuselage

We continue to build up the Bristol fuselages. In these pictures, you can see that the basic structure of one of the fuselages is nearly complete. Both sides are up, the crosspieces have been installed, and the wire bracing that holds it all together is in place. There are still a few things to add in the nose section, but we'll be able to pull this one out of the jig soon and start on the next.

Front end of fuselage

These two photos show some details of the fuselage structure and the assembly process. You can see that the all-purpose tool, duct tape, is quite handy for holding the pieces in place temporarily until the steel fittings can be installed. You can also see how the fuselage brace wires are used between the fittings, not only along the fuselage sides but also transversely to brace everything and hold the fuselage together.

Front fuselage side