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Canuck Update - 25 October 2002

Kingsbury Flying Circus logo

The Canuck is mostly finished, except for the firewall-forward stuff and the various pieces that have to wait on the engine installation. We also still need to put the wingtip skids on. Our future barnstormer is now set up to advertise itself, with the painting of the Kingsbury Flying Circus logo on the fuselage side.

Rear Cockpit

The rear cockpit is where the pilot sits, and it has all the instruments. Low on the left of the panel is the ignition switch. The large instrument on the left is the tachometer, and the large instrument on the right is the altimeter. The compass sits flat on a platform below the panel. The top center small gauge is oil pressure, and the bottom center small gauge is water temperature. The round wooden knob on the right is the handle for the throttle lever. The front cockpit, not shown here, has only the control stick, rudder pedals, and aircraft nameplate - no instruments.