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1934 Fairchild 22 C7D

Fairchild 22

The Fairchild 22 model C7D was developed by Fairchild (Kreider-Reisner) as the low-price version of the Fairchild 22 series. They were originally fitted with a 90-hp Wright-Gypsy engine. The two-seat, tandem-cockpit, parasol wing airplane was aimed at the private pilot/owner, providing a sturdy, easy-to-fly airplane with good handling and low maintenance costs.

Our Fairchild was converted to use the Menasco D4 Super Pirate engine of 125 horsepower. The plane was beautifully restored by the previous owner, but was unfortunately severely damaged in a hangar fire. After the fire, it was donated to the museum. We plan to restore and fly it, but it will be one of our longer-term projects.

After the fire


Fairchild 22 Model C7D

C/N 915 Registration N14302

Engine: Menasco Pirate C4 D4, 125 HP
Wingspan: 32 feet 10 inches
Length: 21 feet 11 inches
Height: 8 feet
Fuel: 21 gal
Oil: 3 gal
Gross Weight: 1600 lb
Seats: 2, tandem
Maximum Speed: 125 mph
Cruise Speed: 106 mph
Cruise Range: 320 miles

Additional Information

For more information about the Model 22, take a look at the Fairchild 22 Wikipedia page.