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Fokker D.VII Project Update - 23 March 2002

We (Tom Gaylord and Bill Broussard) arrived at Kingsbury about 8:30 AM. After starting the forklift and moving several aircraft around we removed the top wing from the wall and spent the day making access panels and doors on the bottom of the upper wing. We cut 1/16th plywood for the panels, 1/2" by 1/2" spruce for reinforcement strips, and aluminum sheet for the doors. We made 5 doors all the same but Tom noticed that the two doors nearest the cabane struts have to open side to side rather than front to back because the aileron control line passes right through the doors. So we made two more doors and put the other two into the Fokker drawer for the next D.VII. There were lots of R/C modelers in the area flying their planes and Boy Scouts doing compass work. Luckily Bill Shupe was available to give tours. Ron Hozza showed up with sausage so an impromptu lunch took place. Roger Ritter stopped by and mentioned a brainstorm he had while taking a shower a couple of weeks earlier. He thought we should have Vintage Aviation bathing suit calendars as a fund raiser. It would have photos of the fairer sex posing in turn of the century (19th to 20th) bathing suits. Nothing risque there. Lots of imagination would be needed.

Wing access panels being fitted

After Robert left we returned to working on the doors, mounting them using piano hinges. Roger spent a lot of time on the lathe making a machinegun part for Dolf Goldsmith. I also pulled out the sandpaper and cleaned up a lot of the holes we cut in the rib webs for passage of the aileron control wires. That evening we went to Van's place. She had a very nice supper laid out for us. After supper we returned to the shop and worked a little while until 10:45 PM.

The next morning we finished cleaning up any rough areas on the wing with sandpaper while Tom began work on mounting wood parts onto the vertical stabilizer. I brought out the varnish and touched up all areas that need coating. Lunch was at Lolas. After lunch we cut wood parts that were to be mounted onto the horizontal stabilizer while Roger did a little touch-up welding on the horizontal stabilizer and elevator. Wayne Jones stopped by around 2:00 PM. After gluing the parts into place Tom and I left Kingsbury around 3:30 PM.