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Fokker D.VII Project Update - 6-7 April 2002

Bill Broussard came out to Kingsbury on April 6, but had to attend a funeral in Bastrop. He arrived at the airfield in time to attend part of the PFM membership meeting. On Sunday, April 7, he did worked on the blocks of wood that surround the hinge points of all control surfaces. Even though the plans only show such blocks on the rudder, it looks like they will be necessary on all the hinge points. These block of wood are used for attaching the fabric around the hinge points. Bill built the three needed for the rudder, two for the elevator, and six for the two ailerons. He was able to glue all of the ones onto the rudder and elevator. However, only one of the aileron blocks could be glued in place. In order to glue the other five, we'll have to remove the ailerons. He also finished the repair work started by Tom Gaylord on the wood post of the vertical stabilizer. None of these pieces were varnished. That will be a job for next time. These wooden blocks are also fastened by means of aluminum straps. Bill made 17 of these straps. A few more need to be done. Two are needed for each wooden part. Roger mixed up some Fokker green paint and did some retouch work with a brush. Roger spent most of the day with Don Chew. They loaded a few pieces of equipment onto Don's flatbed trailer. It was quite an undertaking requiring simultaneous use of two forklifts on one piece of equipment. Lynn showed up from Baytown and spent the day on a tractor mowing the grass when it wasn't raining too hard. The bad weather kept visitors away. Bill left about 6:15 pm.