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Work continued to complete the control surfaces of the Fokker D.VII. The ailerons were removed from the upper wing, now hanging on the north wall. Small wooden blocks were glued around all the hinge points of the rudder, elevator and ailerons. After the glue cured the blocks were sanded and varnished. The next step was to secure these blocks by means of aluminum straps. These straps had been fabricated during our last visit. Additional straps had to be fabricated when we decided to use the small blocks on the aileron hinges as well.

Tom Gaylord arrived Saturday and helped finish installing the straps. He then reassembled the tail control surfaces to make sure that all parts fit well before starting the covering process. Unfortunately we found that the transition area between the horizontal stabilizer and the elevators did not line up quite right so discussion was held to determine a remedy.

Roger Freeman and Bill Broussard covering the fin and rudder

The evening was spent covering the rudder and vertical fin with fabric, dope and tape. Roger rib-stitched the rudder. It is hoped that we'll be able to cover the elevators and the ailerons in time for the AirFair as well as have the rudder and fin completely painted.

Sunday welcomed the arrival of Wayne Jones and Roger Ritter. Wayne helped complete the covering of the rudder and fin. Later both Rogers and Bill gathered around the Fokker fuselage to discuss the next step of the project. We decided that the control column would be the next logical step in order to start running all the control cables. Afterward some time was spent gathering materials for future projects. It was a productive 3 day weekend.