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Wayne Jones preparing the rudder for painting

This is kind of a multi-week update, since we've had a couple of work weeks since the last report. On the weekend of June 22nd, Bill Broussard, Wayne Jones, and Tom Gaylord were all available to work on the D.VII. They did some finish work on the tail surfaces, especially working on the covering and painting of the fin and rudder. This picture shows Wayne Jones masking the hinges on the rudder prior to painting it.

The team also began working on the control column. On June 29th, Bill Broussard was able to return to Old Kingsbury Aerodrome to continue working on the control column. Plans for the next work weekend are to finish the lower part of the column, including finishing and welding the attach points for the ailerons and elevator. Once those are added, the control lines to the elevators can be run and the penetration points of the upper and lower horizontal stabilizer can be determined. The wooden gap seal on the horizontal stabilizer was also modified to correct some minor problems. Once the control lines are established, the elevator and horizontal stabilizer can be covered.