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Painted rudder, fin, and rudder control bar

Team Fokker has made lots of progress since the last update, so this will be kind of a long report. First, though, we welcome Gary Marsden of Austin as a new Team Fokker member. When we last left our intrepid team of Fokker builders, we saw Wayne Jones getting the fin and rudder ready for painting. As you can see from this picture, they're now painted! Unfortunately, we realized toward the end of the day that the separation line between the blue and white areas on the fin isn't in the right place, so we'll have to do a little re-painting to correct that. You can also see the rudder bar and its mounting column on the floor just in front of the rudder.

First control stick installation

Tom Gaylord and Gary Marsden also finished the lower part of the control column (except for painting), and temporarily mounted it in the fuselage. While they were working on that, Bill Broussard re-worked the wood piece that fits between the elevator and stabilizer to provide a better fit. This let us mount the horizontal stabilizer and elevator so we could run some wire to simulate the control cables. Once that wire was run, we could mark where the cutouts in the stabilizer and fuselage fabric need to be to let the control cables pass through without interference. You can see the control stick assembly here in black, since it hasn't yet been painted in Fokker green. Note the small silver piece sticking up from the front mounting point. That's a grease fitting, and it proved to interfere with the rudder bar mount post when we put it in for a test fit. We'll probably just remove the fitting and make that an oil hole instead.

MIke DeBlasis and his firewall

Special thanks to Mike DeBlasis, shown here with the firewall he built. The Fokker originally had no firewall, but it's an important safety feature. We're willing to break a bit with historical accuracy in this case.