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September 5, 2002 Project Update

Team Fokker arrived at Old Kingsbury on Friday morning (8/30), although a bit later than expected due to Bill Broussard throwing a tire tread a couple of miles short of the exit for Kingsbury. No major damage was done, and Bill was able to make it in and start working on the Fokker. He finished covering the elevator and horizontal stabilizer, including rib tapes and rib stitching.

On Saturday, the rib stitching was completed, and Gary Marsden doped on the fabric tapes to cover the stitching and reinforce strategic areas of the fabric. Bill started cutting out metal to make the gun triggers for the control column. Gary left Saturday afternoon, and Bill left on Sunday morning, leaving behind the mostly-covered elevator and stabilizer. All that remains to finish those is to put on the final reinforcing tapes and finish coats of dope and paint.