PFM Logo Fokker Triplane Model T Curtiss Canuck

Aircraft of the Pioneer Flight Museum

The Museum was established to preserve the memory of aircraft from the early days of flight, specifically dating from the years before World War II. Many of the museum's aircraft are flyable, and others are projects being restored or built to flying status.

Curtiss Canuck Meyers OTW flying
Running the Fokker Dr.I Triplane Fokker D.VII with re-enactors
Great Lakes Bleriot XII
Rearwin Sportster and Great Lakes Meyers OTW
Pietenpol Sky Scout Thomas-Morse S4C Scout

Other Aircraft

On any given day, you may find a number of other aircraft at Old Kingsbury Aerodrome. Some may be based at Old Kingsbury but not owned by the PFM, others may have dropped in just to visit the museum and workshops, and yet others may be projects being built for hire by Vintage Aviation Services, which shares the field with the PFM.