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1941 Meyers OTW

Meyers Front Quarter View

The Meyers OTW series of aircraft were designed as primary trainers in the late 1930s by Allen H. Meyers. These two-place, tandem-seat biplanes were of all-metal construction (except for the fabric covering on the wings), and powered by radial engines of from 125 to 160 horsepower.

Meyers Engine Start

Production of the Meyers OTW ("Out To Win") ran from 1939 to 1942, when the aluminum needed was diverted to higher-priority war projects. Only about 100 OTWs were produced during this four-year period.

Meyers Taxiing

The Museum's Meyers is serial number 53, registered N34310, a 1941 model with a 160-hp Kinner radial engine. It has a maximum speed of 120 mph, and cruises about 90. One item of note is that no Airworthiness Directives have ever been issued against the Meyers airframe, testifying to its robust design and construction. About 60 OTWs still survive, which is remarkable considering how few were built.

Meyers taking off

The long-stroke oleo struts on the main landing gear are particularly well-suited to flying off of turf airstrips, since they soak up the bumps very nicely. In the air the Meyers handles quite nicely, and is an especially good airplane for Walter Mitty-ish thoughts since the Kinner radial actually goes "pocketa-pocketa-pocketa" when running!

The Meyers making a low pass over the runway

Additional Information

For more information about the Meyers OTW, check out the Warbird Alley Meyers OTW page. A brief biography of Allen Meyers is available in PDF format. There is even a Meyers Aircraft Company website with a history of both Meyers and his aircraft.