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1936 Rearwin 7000 Sportster

Rearwin Sportster

Raymond Rearwin founded the Rearwin Aircraft Company in 1928. The company produced a range of single-engine aircraft, including the Rearwin 2000C (also known as the Ken-Royce).

In 1935, the company introduced the Rearwin Sportster (Model 7000). This was a two-place tandem-seating light aircraft that could be powered by a range of engines. Our Sportster is a 1936 model that's powered by a 70-hp LeBlond 5DE radial engine.

The Sportster was designed to be a high-end training plane, or an entry-level airplane for the sportsman pilot of limited means. It was also suitable as a business transport for businessmen who needed to go to customers or plants within a few hundred miles of the home office.

Instrument panel


Rearwin Model 7000 Sportster

C/N 477 Registration N15986

Engine: LeBlond 5DE, 70hp
Wingspan: 35 ft
Length: 22.3 ft
Height: 6.75 ft
Fuel: 24 gal
Oil: 2 gal
Gross Weight: 1410 lb
Seats: 2, tandem
Maximum Speed: 110 mph
Cruise Speed: 100 mph
Cruise Range: 480 miles

Additional Information

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