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Easing Into Spring 2018



We're always looking for volunteers to help carry our mission forward, and hope you'll consider joining us! 


The next PFM Volunteer Work Day is Saturday, March 17, 2018 

The spring season promises to bring plenty of things to stay busy with here at the PFM: vintage airplanes and antique vehicles that always want and need attention, plus the usual array of other "gitterdone" chores we gotta git after to prepare for our Spring Wings & Wheels Fly-In. And as always, we invite you to come on out and join the fun! 

2018 Calendar


A few photos from our Spring Air Fair and Fall Fly-In events of the past several years.

If it looks like we have a ton of fun, you got it right!
Re-enactor encampment Triumph motorcycle and Thor motorcycle frame
Al Sumrall writing a speeding ticket to a racer Warming up the Canuck
Museum engine exhibit Visiting 1930s pickup truck
Running the Fokker Dr.I Triplane Visiting car club parking row
Some of the airplanes that flew in to the picnic Visiting antique car club parking
Vintage radio setup Antique car
Model T club parking Canuck in flight

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