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January PFM Membership Meeting

Saturday, January 12, 2002

Members mingle before meeting

The membership gathered on the twelfth of January in the first quarterly meeting of the year to meet, mingle, eat, and listen to a presentation by Marvin Skelton about the aircraft and flyers of World War I. PFM provided food (for a donation) and the members were able to walk through the hangars and workshops before the meeting started to look at the Foundation's aircraft and projects.

A lectern and projector were set up at one end of the main workshop in front of the seats, and tables at the other end of the workshop held food and drink, as well as pictures and magazines which were for sale (and some free for the taking). Attending members mingled happily, greeting old friends and making new acquaintances. The catered food was excellent, and there was plenty to go around.

Roger Freeman opening the meeting

After everyone had had a chance to get something to eat and to look over the various projects and airplanes, Roger Freeman got up and called the meeting to order. He welcomed all of the attendees, and said he was pleasantly surprised at the size of the turnout. There are good things afoot for the Foundation this year, ranging from the quarterly membership meetings and a newly-reinvigorated newsletter to several new projects in the works (as well as the expected completion of some existing projects). We still need volunteers, though, so if you have a particular interest and some time to spare, come sign up! There's plenty of work to go around, and lots of chances to learn new skills. Heck, it's even fun! Where else can you have the opportunity to work on antique cars & airplanes and even get in on the ground floor of a new organization? Roger finished his brief comments by introducing our guest speaker for the night, Marvin Skelton.

Marvin Skelton speaking

Marvin Skelton is a noted World War I aviation historian who has written and lectured extensively. This evening, he had prepared a talk about some of the aircraft and airmen of World War I, from the beginning of the war to the final days. During his presentation, he pointed out the advances in aircraft design and construction during the war, contrasting the light, fairly flimsy designs of the early years to the heavier, more robust aircraft that ended the war. He also described some of the flyers who flew these airplanes, pointing out several coincidences and relationships between these men and their peers. The pictures he showed to illustrate these points were excellent, and allowed him to clear up several points of historical controversy.

After Marvin's talk, we took a short break to eat more food and stretch our legs, and then the video projector was fired up to show the movie Dawn Patrol. This classic was well-received, and despite the somewhat late hour many members stayed to watch it through to the end.