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Volunteer Work Day

March 7, 2009

Reported by Tom Gaylord

We had another excellent turnout of volunteers, so we were able to pursue multiple projects. I won't even pretend to have adequately kept up with them all, but here is what I know:

Terry and Jerrie Bledsoe continued their massive storage project, sorting and organizing the aeronautical debris into bins and storing them in the new hanger. They were aided and abetted by Sanford and Mike McCormick as well as one or two others during the day. Believe it or not, the shop attic is starting to clear out, so they are making excellent progress!

Thomas-Morse Scouts - still working on the wings of T-1. The bottom wings were sanded down... we had unsightly blobs of epoxy varnish in spots that would show under the fabric, and the rib bracing tapes were replaced. However, work stopped due to a lack of the glue needed to stick down the cheesecloth leading edge covering! Much of this work was done by Don Larson, Joe Bruno, Dave Miller, and (I think I'm leaving someone out!!!).

Jeff Basham and Nick Medrano applied rib tapes to the T-1 ailerons, as well as two coats of nitrate dope to the finished top wing half. But before that happened, the lower wing gang had to finish applying rib tapes to the leading and trailing edges! The top wing half is ready for silver dope.

The weather was good enough to spray aluminum dope, except for the wind! So none of this was done! Everything would have been silver!!!

The other half of the top wing was ready for rib stitching. Brian Kaminski and his daughter Kristen set out the pattern, punched the holes, and in the afternoon got the entire wing rib stitched. This wing will be ready for rib tapes next session!

Doug Hortvet showed up and started preparing the Salmson radial from the Curtiss Junior for shipment. Some disassembly was required. Doug had some help from Joe Bruno on this task.

The big news was that the Indian got started. Joe Bruno, Lynn, Al Sumrall, and Doug were all instrumental in getting the beast to fire up. To get that far required some re-plumbing of the fuel tanks - I know Sanford was part of that effort. The initial starts were accidental and really surprised Al! Al reports that they got the bike running later in the day and it seems to be running fine now! Starts easily according to Al.

I am fairly certain that there was other Team Vehicles work finished... but Al will need to fill that in.

The Thor motorcycle is coming along very nicely. The frame and front end are back and have been pin-striped. The wheels are done and tires are now mounted. Handlebars are plated and attached. This thing is coming along quickly.

Back in the engine shop the Pietenpoo Model "A" engine is coming together and looks very nice. If only that motor will finally run as sweet as it looks!

Brian sent along a link to the photos he took last Saturday. He starts and ends with a few pictures taken on the road, but overall he captured a lot of what went on last Saturday! Even has a few photos of our friendly Canadian friend, John, working on the FWD.