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Volunteer Work Days

October 12 and 19, 2013

by Tom Gaylord

Installing the belly cowl

There were two workdays in October; the 12th and 19th. The turnout on the 12th was small (more brownies for those of us who showed up!) and the weather was hot and humid. It was tolerable as there was a breeze, and rain was expected late afternoon. The day was sticky enough that everyone seemed to be moving slow. The weather on the 19th was much better and more comfortable, and the volunteer turnout was larger!


Curtiss Canuck

On the 12th, a small team of Canuck experts: Dave Edgerly, Dave Orloff and Kevin Monahan set about setting the valve lash on the venerable Curtiss OX-5 engine. Dave Edgerly had brought along his spark plug cleaner and started cleaning them up after they were removed. Kevin tested and set the valve lash while Dave O. rotated the engine to bring the cylinder's valves to the proper position. Most of the valves were in spec and needed no adjustment, but there were several intake and a couple of exhaust valves that needed adjustment. All were on the generous side and needed the clearance tightened back up to bring them into spec.

Dave E. noticed that there were a couple minor dings in the fuselage fabric - a small tear (approx. 1/8") apparently caused by passengers getting in and out of the aircraft, and a small tear where an aileron cable passes out of the fuselage on the port side. They may repair the tears next work day

It was also noticed that the belly fairing panel that extends aft from the radiator wasn't installed properly, its leading edge was on the outside of the radiator fairing, so "The Daves" fixed that and got that tucked in properly. After all the work was done the engine's quilt was put back over it and the edges tucked in.

Rearwin 2000C Ken-Royce

Steve Richardson started varnishing the port side upper wing panel. Painstaking work as the wings have many nooks and crannies and runs and drips of that epoxy varnish are to be avoided! On the 19th, Jerry Stark finished varnishing the wing panel.

Team Vehicles

1921 Triumph Motorcycle

Dave Edgerly is taking the Triumph to the Harvest Classic motorcycle show in Luchenbach, Texas being held on the weekend of the 19th. The bike is ready to ride so everyone pitched in to help get the bike into the bed of Dave E.'s pickup truck and get it securely lashed down.

1912 Thor Motorcycle

Kevin Monahan reports that his wife, Lori, has been helping a lot with the Thor. Kevin needed extra hands to assemble the 8 loose bearings of the front end. Then Lori assembled the rear hub on her own, no slight task with 4 loose ball bearings assemblies in the hub and the coaster brake to figure out. There are missing parts of the hub to find.

Ford Model TT truck cab

Bill Kretzmeier - No photos yet, but he reports the cab doors are pretty bad! He is going to have to blast them to clean them up. Bill says they'd make Aunt Martha a great dress - they're lacy enough. Still, Bill thinks the doors will work out OK and he is looking for a source for patch panels.

Other Vehicles

Al Sumrall reports that Team Vehicles has been concentrating on maintenance more than repair over the past month but significant upgrades and repairs have still happened. Cameron & Ian Whitaker, Lynn Howell, and Steve Penaluna have been the main mechanics/maintenance, but others have joined in here and there. The Blue Racer continues to get upgraded and several more problem areas have been resolved; the fuel line has been revamped, the fan bushing fixed (it was making bad noise) and the clutch adjusted as well as it can be (it has a weak internal spring that needs replacement). The Blue Racer has been cleaned up and looks good for the Fall Fly-In. Lastly, Cameron replaced the rear brakes of the Blue Racer with "new" ones, the brakes were so worn down that they were causing an over-travel issue in the brake/clutch handle.

The TT broke a bendix spring but an old one was found to replace it so it is working again.

The wrecker's flat tire has been repaired, the wrecker has split rims that require patience and effort but a donated "wheel splitter" from Mike Callia has helped significantly! Cameron took that tool home and fixed the flat.


Tom Miller cleaning the museum headquarters

IPMS Regional Model Contest

Dave Edgerly, Dave Orloff, Al Sumrall, Terry Bledsoe, and Tom Gaylord met up in Austin to sell donated model kits and t-shirts as vendors at this Regional event. The "Two Daves" had ventured out to Kingsbury on Friday to transport the boxes of models to Austin, and helped set up the event Friday evening - so they had a bit of a head start getting everything set up.

The day actually seemed fairly slow as far as sales went, but the piles of model kits were substantially reduced. All told the museum sold many of the kits, significantly reducing the pile! We sold one t-shirt and received an additional donation of some model kits, books and calendars from Bill Walsh (who also attended as a vendor - Bill is cleaning house in preparation for a move to Salt Lake City!). We appreciated Bill's donation, and wish him the best of luck in Salt Lake City. Hopefully he'll come back to Texas for a visit sometime!

HQ Work

Tom Miller came out on the 12th to inventory food items for the upcoming Fall Fly-In event. He decided the HQ building's refrigerator needed to be cleaned out. That morphed into noticing the interior of the main door needed cleaning which progressed to checking the exterior of the door, and then noticing that the siding was awfully dirty! Tom washed all of that! Have to say, it all looked a lot better afterwards! Great job, Tom!

Terry Bledsoe was back on the 12th cleaning house and arranging the office in the HQ building. Good to have him back on the job!

Tom Gaylord was there to inventory t-shirts to see whether anything needed to be ordered for the Fall Fly-In. Terry helped with the inventory process and the job was completed pretty quickly. Terry also measured the back room so we can start building some bookshelves and put up the books as they are inventoried.

Gun Crew

On the 19th, Al was able to assemble his nearly complete, non-firing, replica of a German WWI infantry machine gun. Al took delivery of an infantry style canister magazine, so the weapon was set up for photos.