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Fall Fly-in & Picnic

November, 2013

by Roger Ritter

Our fall Fly-In and Picnic was held on November 9, 2013. The weather started off a bit damp, but skies cleared by 10:00 AM and fly-in visitors started to arrive. In addition, we had several car clubs drive in and put their cars on display. The Museum's vehicles were mostly running, including both motorcycles and most of the Model Ts. Both the Canuck and the Fokker Triplane were working, and both flew during the day - the Canuck several times and the Triplane once.

The Model Ts and motorcycles spent the day running around the field, with the Model Ts giving rides and being used as airport hacks to move needed people and materials between the hangars. The visiting car clubs took up a lot of the parking area in front of the hangars, and visiting aircraft filled the field.

The re-enactors were also out in force, setting up camp and giving people a taste of camp life in the early 20th century. In addition to the campsite, they also set up weapons and equipment displays to show typical military gear of that period. Another volunteer set up a table with vintage radio and audio gear.

Re-enactor encampment Triumph motorcycle and Thor motorcycle frame
Al Sumrall writing a speeding ticket to a racer Warming up the Canuck
Museum engine exhibit Visiting 1930s pickup truck
Running the Fokker Dr.I Triplane Visiting car club parking row
Some of the airplanes that flew in to the picnic Visiting antique car club parking
Vintage radio setup Antique car
Model T club parking Canuck in flight