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Canuck flying low

Fokker Dr.I Triplane

After extensive engine work and other tweaking, the Triplane flew again in September 2012. Ron Marcotte got a nice video of the Fokker flight.

We fired up the Triplane and Canuck for a visit of the League of WWI Aircraft Historians! They took a video, which can be seen on their website at

The Fokker Triplane run-up during AirFair 2009.

Maiden Flight of Fokker Dr.1 : The early taxi test turns into the first test flight!

Flight of the Fokker Dr.1 : The triplane puts on a good show for the visitors to AirFair 2008.

Why not land your Fokker Triplane in a crosswind? Well, this could have been worse, but it shows does show why!

First Startup of the LeRhone rotary engine on the Fokker Triplane : This after a lot of diagnostics and prop flipping.

Curtiss JN-4C Canuck

Graceful Flight of the Grand Old Canuck : This lightly loaded old craft seems to float through the air with a stately grace not seen in our other planes.

OX-5 engine details: The Canuck's Curtiss OX-5 engine running


Vehicle parade : At the 2011 AirFair

Team Vehicles : A typical working day for the team dedicated to restoring the museum's model Ts:

Driving the Nash Quad : Newly repaired water pump allows another try at driving the Nash Quad.

Team Vehicles Keeps 'em Rolling : Supposedly shot using old film and a hand crank camera found in the hangar—but not really.

A 1921 Triumph Motorcycle : An early 2009 addition to the Museum's vehicle collection. Video taken on a rainy day, so lots of background noise.

The 1921 Triumph motorcycle is finally moving under its own power. Note that it doubles as a portable smoke screen!

Fun and Games

The 2010 Fall Fly-in captured on video by Ron Marcotte.

The 2009 AirFair movie!

Army vs. Bandito : An impromptu skit by Al and his re-enactor friends.