built on a Ford Model T chassis

The 1917 American Ambulance was a vehicle that was built on a Ford Model T chassis and was used during World War I to transport wounded soldiers from the battlefield to field hospitals. The American Ambulance system was set up by the American Field Service (AFS), which was a civilian organization that was formed to support the efforts of the French Army during the war.

1917 American Ambulance

The Ford Model T was chosen as the base for the ambulance due to its reliability and ease of repair. The AFS modified the Model T by adding a custom-built ambulance body that could hold two stretchers and a medical kit. The ambulance was also equipped with a generator and electrical lighting, which allowed it to operate at night without relying on candles or lanterns.

The American Ambulance was operated by volunteers who were known as “ambulance drivers.” These drivers were typically young American men who wanted to support the war effort but were not old enough or healthy enough to join the military. The ambulance drivers worked long hours, often driving through dangerous territory to reach wounded soldiers.

The American Ambulance system was praised for its efficiency and effectiveness, and it served as a model for the development of modern ambulance services. After the war, many of the ambulances were sold to civilian organizations, and some were even converted into mobile homes or used for other purposes. Today, original American Ambulances are highly prized by collectors and history enthusiasts.

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