The Pioneer Flight Museum held its third annual Model T Games on March 16, 2024. The members and guests played various games which involved testing their Ford Model T driving skills. The day started off rainy but it cleared up after we ate lunch at the Almost Perfect BBQ Food Truck. The games were delayed by about two hours. Guests spent this time touring the museum.

Thank you to everyone that came out and participated in the 3rd Model T Games.

Backseat Driver

These model T drivers drove blindfolded, taking direction from the passengers to complete an obstacle course.

Bean Bag Toss

These model T drivers drove a slalom course tossing bean bags into buckets to earn points.


These model T drivers attempt to balance their vehicles on a wooden Teeter totter.

Potato Race

These model T riders attempt to gig the most potatoes in the field.

Driving Skills Test

The driving skills course is designed to test all the skills that one would need to drive a Model T on the road. The course includes: Pull in parking, back in parking, use of hand signal, a slalom course around the cones and then a trip down the runway and back to drive in high gear.

Model T Soccer Dribble

Model T drivers attempt to maneuver the soccer ball through the slalom course.

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