The Pioneer Flight Museum held its second annual Model T Games on September 30, 2023. The members and guests played various games which involved testing their Ford Model T driving skills. A few had just learned to drive a Model T that day in our driving school.

Backseat Driver

These model T drivers drove blindfolded, taking direction from the passengers to complete an obstacle course.

Bean Bag Toss

These model T drivers drove a slalom course tossing bean bags into buckets to earn points.


These model T drivers attempt to balance their vehicles on a wooden Teeter totter.

Potato Race

These model T riders attempt to gig the most potatoes in the field. Carolotte was crowned “Potato Queen” for skewering 8 potatoes.

Driving Skills Test

The driving skills course is designed to test all the skills that one would need to drive a Model T on the road. The course includes: Pull in parking, back in parking, use of hand signal, a slalom course around the cones and then a trip down the runway and back to drive in high gear.

Model T Soccer

Model T drivers attempt to play soccer with an over-sized soccer ball but the wind ultimately won.

The Competing Model Ts